Our History

The Aiscorp vision

Aiscorp was purchased by Elmar Gailitis in 1991.  Since 2000 the company has been providing IT infrastructure solutions for schools and businesses both in New Zealand and internationally. Elmar’s vision and passion is to see technology used to deliver enhanced outcomes for all users.

Aiscorp aims to engage and educate its partners and clients, rather than dictate solutions. Elmar and the team take an inclusive stance aimed at helping liberate individual potential – for the benefit of people, institution and community.

Aiscorp’s strength is with its people and our ability to work with customers and forge partnerships. By deploying solutions, either on a client’s site, or via the cloud, Aiscorp has redrawn the rules on quality service in the IT industry… service is personal.

Over the years we have developed stable, reliable solutions that are cost-effective.  We have a select range of products that provide building blocks which we use to tailor IT solutions that fit the client.

Creating Solutions That Work

These solutions have worked favorably in several markets both in a commercial environment and the education environment. Aiscorp is a committed provider of service and infrastructure for the educational market throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.  We have been involved in the education market since 2000, moving school systems from physical servers to virtual servers and in recent years onto the cloud.

Our commercial customers are involved in diverse sectors including legal, power generation, retail, insurance and warehousing.  The internet has enabled us to support our clients both near and far, the furtherest being the Government of Niue where we designed, installed and now support their government’s infrastructure via a satellite connection.

Proven Solutions with Continual Improvement

Future proofing technology has been a key policy of Aiscorp. A modern business model is contingent in getting the IT development right the first time so service costs can be keep to a minimum.

Over the years we have seen technologies such as virtualisation, mobile devices and cloud computing revolutionise what can be done through IT.  Aiscorp thrives in an environment where we can use established proven solutions while continually improving outcomes through integrating emerging technologies.