Aiscorp has formed strong relationships with suppliers,
so that we can provide our clients with good value and excellent support.


Aiscorp works with IBM to provide enterprise solutions.  Our expertise covers servers (including PureFlex systems) and larger IBM storage devices.


Lenovo provide a wide range of desktops, laptops, tablets and business server and storage solutions that are reliable, robust and have been proven in the business and education market world-wide. Lenovo is the number 1 PC maker in the world.


Aiscorp are authorised Apple Network Consultants and can provide advice on getting the best out of your Apple devices.  We are also Apple Resellers including Education.


We partner with Cisco to offer innovative networking and security solutions.  We are small and mid-size business specialists and are also qualified in security.


We utilise VMWare virtual server technology to provide additional server functionality without the need to purchase extra physical servers. VMware is the market leader in virtualisation and we have been creating solutions using VMWare’s products since 2005.

Wireless Solutions

We have partnerships with wireless suppliers such as Aerohive, Ruckus, Ubiquiti and Cisco/Meraki.  We spend the time to understand and find the best solution for your unique requirements. Aiscorp has a large national presense for the installation and support of wireless solutions.


We have been partners with Microsoft for over 13 years.  We intentionally hire people with many MS qualifications as this is a core technology used by our customers.


We partner with Sophos to provide a top quality commercial protection suite that includes anti-virus, anti-malware and network protection.

Networking and Routing Solutions

We are one of the largest Allied Telesis resellers in the Education market. We also provide and support Cisco/Meraki solutions for those who want the highest level of support, reliability and security products.

Backup Solutions

Aiscorp partners with Veeam and Shadowprotect for backups  that provides the most agility and functionality ensuring backups are easy to create and, often more importantly, easy and able to be restored from.