Civic Financial Services

An engaging new website

Civic Financial Services engaged Aiscorp to project manage the development of a new website that was to be to promote and service their new superannuation scheme, SuperEasy.

This required being able to interpret complex technical information that had to maintain a stringent legal compliance regime; to be presented in an easy, accessible, informative manner.  They also required a maintenance program to be set up that would allow for the regular update of the site allowing members personally protected access to their account balance on an ongoing basis.

This was a completely new scheme and much of the design aspect was unfolding and changing at the same time as the development of the website was being produced.  This brought additional challenges which Aiscorp had to successfully manage to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

The project went smoothly and Civic Financial Services now have a website that informs their customers and promotes their superannuation products.

“We were delighted with the result.  Elmar successfully achieved this by continually demonstrating his professional maturity, integrity, wisdom, technical leadership and project management experience throughout the project resulting in an end product that exceeded all our expectations.”

Ian Brown
Superannuation Manager
Civic Finacial Services Limited