King Country Energy

King Country Energy Limited (KCE) used the services of Aiscorp to replace and upgrade the network and computer systems in its office building in Taumarunui. Working in conjunction with their IT staff, users and the vendors of their applications software Aiscorp designed the network, specified and purchased the hardware and systems software, loaded systems and applications software on the hardware, tested the operation of hardware prior to installation and installed the new system in our office. This work included the specification and build of an off-site back up facility.

KCE operates in the competitive retail electricity market where customers may choose from many suppliers. It could therefore not afford to have any interruptions to its normal services caused by its computer systems. The switch to their new network and computer hardware was completed without incident. The proper planning, thorough testing performed prior to the switch and the robust design of their platform ensured no problems have been encountered either during the switch or the on-going operation of the system.

The system as designed and implemented by Aiscorp has provided the reliability and performance required by KCE to operate its business. Equipment and software beyond that contained in the original specification has not been required to make the system operate to specification. Unplanned computer outages have become events of the past.

What Aiscorp implemented

  • Infrastructure Design
  • Implementation of Design
  • Remote Support
  • Offsite Backup

Aiscorp continues to support our computer operations. KCE finds the Aiscorp staff assigned to its work are very competent, promptly resolve any issues that arise and are friendly and co-operative. KCE is very satisfied with the support it receives from Aiscorp.

Pamela Walklin
Chief Financial Officer
King Country Energy Ltd