Mana College

Mana College were left with a major crisis to deal with at the beginning of a new academic year when their entire network crashed due to the failure of the motherboard of the main server.

They contacted Aiscorp for a quote and within half an hour of the call had a meeting with Elmar who assessed their network situation and the performance of their four other servers before giving them the option of upgrading their entire system to the latest virtual server technology.

The following day a business contract as signed and within 72 hours Mana College had an integrated virtual server platform built, configured, installed and in use on their site.

Since the initial contact with Aiscorp, all their vital servers have been virtualised and they now have a reliable backup system they can depend on.

Mana College have found that they have greatly benefited from switching over from old technology which used to be ‘patched to perform’ to a new reliable virtual environment.