Government of Niue

A modern Government IT infrastructure

In July 2010 Aiscorp submitted a proposal for the supply and implementation of a modern Government IT infrastructure.  They won the public tender and implemented the new system which has transformed how the Niue Government works.  The solution was designed and built in Wellington and then air-freighted to the island and installed at the data centre facility located at the satellite earth station.

The challenge was not only to design, build and implement a new Government wide server solution for 18 Departments but also to have the security and compliance required for a Government IT network. The Aiscorp engineers were also required to resolve all local issues including ISP and integrating and converting data and users from Departments dispersed around the island. The solution was rolled out in two weeks.

The project was complex and required detailed planning and also some flexibility due to local requirements.  The solution is very stable and Aiscorp provides core support services to ensure the system remains in good working condition.

Aiscorp supports the site via a satellite link which includes remote access via email and telephone. The system has proven to be very stable and achieved all the outcomes required.  It also provides Niue with a core Government IT infrastructure ready for the future.

What Aiscorp implemented

  • Design and install infrastructure
  • Remote support
  • Internet over satellite