Rainey Collins Lawyers

In 2006, Aiscorp proposed to replace their PC based office server based system with a Cloud solution based on Thin Client technology located in their resilient datacentre.   The current system needed a full upgrade for the hardware, operating systems and applications so it was opportune to look at alternative ways to get out of the regular hardware replacement cycle costs and look at monthly contracted service model.

Aiscorp was an early provider of Cloud services, and provided a modern solution based in their data centre and has keep the system updated since 2006 through a number of cycles of technology.  The underlying platform has changed as part of the server farm upgrades and the systems were moved seamlessly to the new servers without any interruption to the day to day business.   Over the timeframe, Aiscorp has also upgraded the solution to provide a Disaster Recovery solution from their DR centre in Palmerston North.

During this period, Rainey Collins also moved office twice and from time to time has needed to ramp up their requirements as headcounts increased.   All the office moves were done seamlessly as all that was required was moving Thin Client Terminals and Screens, and two independent internet links to reconnect to the farm.

Rainey Collins pay a fixed monthly fee for a range of services: Desktop Management, Applications delivery, Security, email , remote access, Disaster Recovery and Backup.

  • Trusted IT partners
  • Private cloud service
  • Fixed monthly fee