Security – Case 1

This case involved a medium sized business with an innovative management team who rely heavily on technology to increase productivity and reduce costs. They were wanting to provide a secure method to remotely access systems and services for staff and customers to provide better services. However on discussion with Aiscorp, their trusted ICT provider, there was legitimate concern that allowing more access could provide an easier avenue for cyber criminals and other bad actors to try and breach, or leak data. Having read about recent cyber attacks and the damage that was made to companies financially, their reputation and their staff, they decided to proactively manage the risks and give themselves a platform to be able to quickly and safely offer future mobile and productivity service offerings.

Aiscorp supplied a managed service to provide a whole continuum from before, during and after attacks, giving peace of mind that they would be able to defend against the large majority of threats and any others would be easily visible and actionable.