Security – Case 2

A North Island SMB focusing on producing meat was struggling to keep up with the latest cyber threats and had recently been subject to several variations of new ransomware/cryptolocker type breaches. While their firewalls and antivirus had detected, and stopped a number of these, they had not been able to detect these latest iterations. With that, staff had attempted to open web links and files (including infected PDF’s) on emails and inadvertently infected their systems. Some hours later the systems came up with the dreaded “your files have been encrypted” message.

While the IT systems thankfully did have reasonable backup routines in place, each infection cost in terms of system downtime, lost productivity (including files that had been worked on since the last backups) and cost for their IT provider to restore the systems to working order. Management had been too focused on ‘fighting fires’ and feared becoming more agile and productive due to the threats out there, rather than adding value to the business and its customers.

Aiscorp was asked to audit their systems and offer solutions to stop these occurances. During the security audit it was found there were actually other infected systems, including phones, that noone previously had visibility of, potentially doing worse things that just encrypting files and holding the business to ransom. The systems we put in place allowed new visibility on the internal network, provided much more up to date threat detection and prevention, and, in the case of “first time ever seen” threat, allows for restrospective cleanup and tracking.

This has so far stopped all new ransomware attempts and provided peace of mind that the management team can concentrate on being a more agile company. It has provided them with a secure platform to expand their services to allow greater remote operability in their future endeavors.