Disaster Recovery

Our disaster recovery facility allows you to get your site quickly up and running should disaster occur.

Disaster Recovery Solution

This is achieved by replicating your core systems and data in two datacentre locations – in Wellington and in Palmerston North.

Our disaster recovery solution is based on scheduled replication of your servers to our datacentres. We can make these replications of your production servers in the background while you are still running your systems.  The virtual servers are ready and waiting at geographically dispersed locations should an emergency occur.

Our solution uses software that takes a snapshot of your system and transfers this to a datacentre location using secure encrypted internet links.  We have prices that cater for a variety of needs – dependent on how quickly you need your systems to be restored, how large your IT systems are and how often you require your system to be replicated.

The technology employed uses complex mathematical calculations to identify and transfer only the changed portions of your system via your existing internet link. This keeps your internet data transmission costs to a minimum.

The system replications are stored within large secure hosting centres which have all the necessary security systems to provide peace of mind.