Account Management

Account Managers who understand your business

Strong Relationships

Aiscorp is a business that is based upon relationships.  We pride ourselves on building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients.  Honesty and integrity is very important to us – if something is going wrong we want to know and help.

Thought Leadership

Our Account Managers are well educated and keep current with market trends so that they can provide great advice to our clients.  They aim to understand your business so that they can add value to the relationship and help you.

If you are the IT Manager or IT Operations/ Infrastructure Manager:

  • How do you plan your budget for next year, for instance; if you need to replace or add additional network or servers to your environment, to alleviate the current load or to handle a bigger load, how do you make that decision? In other words, how do you do your capacity planning for systems and networks?
  • Do you know what is the impact of a failure for your customers? (internal and external)
  • How often do you have multiple groups troubleshooting the same problem?
  • When someone complains that “the network is slow”, how do you know who’s using the network and what they’re doing and if it’s non-business related network traffic?
  • How do you proactively protect your business from the impact of network outages and degradations?
  • How do you know exactly, if you are complying with the SLAs defined with your customers? ( either internal or external)