Backup Services

Our backup services give you peace of mind

Data Stored in Wellington and Palmerston North

Aiscorp provides automated backup and recovery of servers and data.  Our primary backup site is based in Wellington and this is replicated to our secondary facility based in Palmerston North.

We can do this for you whether you are a small business or school through to a large enterprise.   The price matrix caters for all clients with storage options that provide high speed or low speed storage for virtualised server environments.


Secure transfers ensure your data is safe

Our solution uses software that replicates data between two locations within a timeframe negotiated with the client.  This can be minutes or days.  Data is transferred using highly secure encrypted internet links which do not compromise your data.

The technology employed uses complex mathmatical calculations to identify and transfer only the changed portions of your data, usually via your existing internet link. This keeps your internet data transmission costs to a minimum.

The backup facilities operate within large secure hosting centres which have video surveillance, multiple power connections and diesel backup generators.

Both storage facilities are based in New Zealand.  This gives our customers peace of mind because they know where their data is and also have the personal contact with us if there is a problem as opposed to contacting a call centre.