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The Organisation

St Brigid’s Catholic School, based in Johnsonville, is a full primary school catering to years 1-8. There are 350 children, 30 teachers and 220 devices at the school. It primarily caters to the Northern Wellington suburbs and focuses on providing high quality education to all students.

The Opportunity

Prior to the Cloud migration project, Aiscorp was St Brigid’s School’s chosen IT partner. On a weekly basis an Aiscorp technician would visit the school to troubleshoot issues, fix devices and ensure everything was running smoothly.

This particular project was instigated when the school’s onsite server, which was originally supplied in February 2015, was showing signs of age, including power outages and the failure of one of its three hard drives. As the server was used for many important daily activities such as teaching, learning, emails, attendance logs, finances and more, a long term solution was needed.

Aiscorp proposed that instead of replacing the server, the school should migrate to the Cloud so operations were no longer reliant on physical technology. Linda Birch, St Brigid’s School Principal, the Aiscorp team and key stakeholders, including the school’s board, spent 6-8 months negotiating the plan of attack. Linda and the stakeholders received plenty of support and communication during this process.

A budget was drawn up and various concerns around security, privacy and ongoing costs were alleviated. It was decided that Aiscorp would manage the migration and that it would be completed sooner rather than later due to the state of the server.

“Aiscorp is a highly professional company. For us communication was key, and we were given lots of information and many opportunities to ask questions and have ongoing dialogue with the team. Having our existing relationship with them helped us to feel confident about the direction we were going in. We felt very supported.”
-Linda Birch, Principal

The Advantage

St Brigid’s School successfully completed their migration to the Cloud. Aiscorp technicians were on the ground for two days to set up all systems and devices, and then returned the following week to ensure there were no problems or difficulties.

The implementation process included migrating data from the teacher’s computers, the library and the office system. The students’ devices are Chromebooks and iPads, and therefore didn’t require attention. The technicians also migrated all data from the outdated server and created shared drives in Google so teachers and staff could easily access these documents.

The Cloud migration also included a reconfiguration of the Accessit Library to run in the new environment, and the reconfiguration of the internet connection to allow for the removal of the onsite server. All teachers and staff now have a new login account and new settings for printing and internet access.

All teachers and students are still using Gmail and Google Docs without disruption. From a user standpoint there is little change, as the interface looks slightly different from the former version but functions similarly. The transition was smooth and the key stakeholders, including the teachers, were well supported throughout.

The Benefit

The decision to migrate to the Cloud provided St Brigid’s School with notable and immediate benefits.

  • Removed the need to replace the server, saving $5-6,000
  • Removed the need to manage ongoing maintenance and upgrades
  • Avoided the cost of business continuity should the server fail
  • Lowered power consumption, also saving costs
  • Increased reliability and reduced downtime as operations are now supported by the Cloud provider
  • Enabled teachers and the library staff to work from anywhere
  • Achieved high level security and privacy for data
  • Ensured backups of historical and current data
  • Ensured continual upgrades so teachers and staff have access to latest features and functionality
  • Provided support for ongoing classroom programmes such as Minecraft: Education Edition

The establishment of the Cloud service supports teachers and staff to continue to provide the best schooling experience to the students. They have access to relevant and useful data as they need it, and are safe in the knowledge that the data is private and secure.

Business continuity and loss of data is no longer an issue, and with cost savings and ongoing updates the school team can put more resources into the learning environment. Finally, with remote access capabilities, the school is more prepared for unexpected situations that require remote teaching and learning.

Services Provided

  • Planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Information and insight
  • Setup
  • Migration of historical data
  • Migration of current data
  • Reconfiguration of devices
  • Reconfiguration of internet network
  • Reconfiguration and setup of library service
  • Support
  • Onsite technical support
  • Technical helpdesk
  • Licensing
  • Ongoing support and assistance
  • Professional learning