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How we serve

Ensure business as normal

Establishing business continuity ensures your operations and core business functions are not severely impacted and can be restored quickly, in the event of a disaster or unplanned incident that takes critical systems and operations offline.

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Prepare for the worst

We create a proactive contingency plan that considers how to prepare for and handle IT disruptions to computers, networks, mobiles and servers. Our suite of service offerings builds a preparation shield, including audits to assess your readiness for cybersecurity attacks, disaster recovery, business continuity and privacy requirements.  

Establish preventative measures

Aiscorp works with you to quickly identify and address threats and risks to prevent issues from arising. We provide staff security awareness and phishing training, disaster recovery testing, and system refresh plans to identify security risks and remediation of vulnerabilities.   

Restore daily operations 

We work to have office productivity and enterprise software restored quickly, in order to meet business needs and restore daily operations. Recovery of data, communication and business processes, and a comprehensive incident tracking system, are essential components in a robust recovery plan.