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How we serve

Upskill your team with PLD and training.

Aiscorp has helped numerous schools and businesses develop future-focused digital learning solutions. Our IT Professional Learning and Development (PLD) team empowers everyone to maximise the benefits of today’s digital technology.

We work with you 

Our in-house PLD facilitator works with you to upskill your team. Whether you’re a school or organisation, we meet your needs with a tailored solution. Our approach is a proven way to develop internal skills, so your organisation can continue to achieve goals and reduce costs.

Choose what’s best

Our experienced trainers deliver professional development for groups or individuals, in either one-off upskilling events or as part of a longer-term strategic initiative. In this way we make sure you’re getting exactly what you need.

Protect through education

Even the best and most expensive IT systems will be vulnerable if the human factor is not taken into account. Preventative measures such as user training and phishing simulations will strengthen the most important aspect of organisations security.