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How we serve

Utilise advanced security.

Our services are designed to protect business operations. This includes provision of firewalls, anti-virus solutions, data loss prevention, security training and more, as well as backup and disaster recovery services.

Security Audit 

We run security audits to consider the threat, risk, and impact of a potential exploit on a computer or network and identifies any vulnerabilities. Our audits assess readiness for cybersecurity attacks and help to build your organisation's resistance against vulnerabilities.  

IT Health Check 

Our health check identifies possible exposures, such as outdated hardware and unsupported software, within an organisation’s IT infrastructure. We offer a comprehensive check of security controls and practices, and define and track security improvements to reduce and manage risks.

Vulnerability Scanning 

Vulnerability scanning involves using software tools to identify potential security vulnerabilities before cybercriminals can find and exploit them. We offer one-off, scheduled, and continuous scanning options.