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For a new employee the onboarding experience is the ultimate first impression of your company as a whole.

After the hiring experience, how you onboard a new employee will show them how the company culture works, what you prioritise, how you treat your staff and will shape their time at your company. This step is important!

We have outlined our top tips for a smooth and positive onboarding experience as well as our technical checklist to ensure you, your staff and your new employee enjoy the experience.

Prepare as much as you can of the policies, processes, equipment, communications and training before the new employee starts. It is much harder on your team and the new employee if you are not prepared for them. Before their first day you need to have everything you can ready for them .

1. Welcome pack

A welcome pack would include any HR documentation of payroll forms, policies and procedures, emergency contact details and other induction information. Aiscorp's Welcome pack also includes an overview of our technical software we use internally, a list of staff names and various internal procedures. This welcome pack can also include any company branded pens, personal notebook or other office equipment.

2. Equipment

Any equipment the new employee will use for their role needs to be procured and set up before they start, you want to show them you are organised and prepared for them and give them everything they need to do their job well. This equipment may be office supplies, a laptop, mouse, headphones, phone, any monitors or adapters.

3. Workstation

Similar to equipment, a new employee needs a space to work. Whether you use hot desks or dedicated workstations, carve out a space for them. Aiscorp have dedicated workstations for each staff member, we need to make sure the new employees desk is clean and have their correct equipment set up ready for them. You could add a fun welcome gift such as a funky mug, plant or quote to their workstation.
Remote employees need to be included, you could send a work-from-home welcome pack with a mug, calendar or any fun items to set up their at home workstation.

4. Logins and Software

As soon as you know you have a new employee starting, let your IT team know. They will need to create their logins and set up the software they need. Here is a list of things you will need to give to your IT provider:

  • Persons preferred name (this may be different than the name on their CV)
  • Start date
  • Department, Office location or Team
  • Name of person this employee is replacing OR
  • An exisiting staff member who you want this persons permissions to be similar to
  • Any extra permissions such as access to Marketing Folder, Team X Project or email group
  • What computer the user will be using and when it is appropriate for the IT team to set up (especially if the new person is replacing someone)

5.Staff Introduction and Office Tour

Prep your staff before the new employee starts, let them know what position they will be in, how their day-to-day will look if in a new role, who is in charge of their training and who is their manager.

When appropriate, plan for a welcoming staff introduction, this can be during a staff meeting, organise a morning tea or staff drinks.

At Aiscorp, we introduce new staff to their immediate team initially and then to the wider team in a staff meeting where staff ask them fun questions such as their favourite music artist, takeaway food and if they are team feijoa or not (Our company is currently split 50/50 on the feijoa debate).


The best way to get feedback on your onboarding process is to hear it from your most recent employee. Was there anything missing from their welcome pack? Did they enjoy their experience? Was there anything you could do to improve the process? This is also a good opportunity to check in with them on how they are adjusting to the company and if they have any general feedback about their first impressions or if they need any further training or introductions.

Enjoy the process, be creative and have fun! Welcoming a new employee is an exciting step for everyone.