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Services Provided

The Organisation

With a strong team of expert accountants, Kendons offers a whole host of accountancy services to New Zealand businesses. With a guiding imperative of boosting success, Kendons invests in every client relationship to offer personalised advice and innovation that helps businesses thrive.

This includes everything from high level jobs and business development right through to compliance and audits. Additional services include business valuations, start-up services, marketing assistance, benchmarking and company formation.

The Opportunity

While Kendons recognised the importance and benefit of utilising a cloud-based service and had established their own server, they came to discover it wasn’t as secure as they originally thought, nor as functional as they needed.

Combined with a move to Xero meant that Kendons realised the need and imperative to become fully cloud-based, and to improve the company’s overall setup. Kendons sent out a tender outlining these requirements, with Aiscorp winning the job. A big drawcard for Aiscorp was the personalised service that the company offered. This shared value ensured Kendons felt confident in being able to keep communication lines open, and get help as required.

The Advantage

In December 2019, following the tender win, Kendons transitioned from the company’s previous IT provider to Aiscorp. From here Aiscorp embarked on the mission to migrate all of Kendon’s systems and processes to the cloud. Throughout this period, Aiscorp’s expert technicians offered ongoing assistance and support, making sure Kendons’ employees could work undisrupted.

Another pivotal moment was March 2020, when Aiscorp facilitated Kendon’s rapid and complete remote working setup. While Kendons had always planned to go fully mobile, the lockdowns fast-tracked this step. Aiscorp provided Lenovo laptops with dedicated cloud systems that successfully enabled all staff to work from any location.

The Benefit

Becoming fully cloud-based and remote meant that Kendons has been able to diversify its team, offer greater flexibility to workers, and ensure work continues even in the face of unexpected events. During lockdowns, for example, Kendons’ team members could continue to communicate and operate as normal, serving clients as needed. Another crucial benefit was improved security of cloud services, which was important for Kendons as the company deals with sensitive information, and greatly reduced downtime overall.

Several training sessions during the transition to the new cloud infrastructure, and eventually Office 365, meant that Kendons’ team were well-versed in the new systems and have greater confidence in maximising use of a range of tools and apps. Having a go-to Aiscorp expert means that if the team has more challenging or specific queries, someone is on hand to help.

Services provided

  • Strategic Planning
  • Information & Insight
  • Cloud Migration
  • Managed Service
  • Software & Hardware
  • Ongoing Support

“Working with Aiscorp is easy and seamless. Nothing is ever a problem, and that’s a reflection of the team that they have. They’ve made the effort to really build a relationship with us, to the point that our go-to IT expert is like a Kendons’ team member.”
- Liz Eveleigh, Practice Manager, Kendons