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The Organisation

Oxygen Group is a real estate company with various offices located in the North Island, NZ, with over 150 employees spread across Wellington, Hutt Valley, Wainui, Napier and Hastings. Oxygen Group share various brands and divisions across these regions, primarily Redcoats, Professionals and Oxygen.

The Opportunity

Oxygen Group were attracted to Aiscorp's Fully Managed IT service offerings. Since the partnership with Aiscorp which commenced September 2017, Redcoats Limited have experienced a broader level of service with all their IT requirements across the board which has provided financial benefits of saving on hourly costs of technical assistance and monthly subscription costs.


By utilising Aiscorp Managed Services, Oxygen Group received a customised solution to fit its long-term needs:  Remote monitoring, maintenance and management of IT infrastructure, including all critical business applications such as Email, Networking and Remote and on-site support from ITIL certified technicians.  


As part of our managed services offering and continual improvement, Aiscorp has worked closely with Oxygen Group to digitally transform the modern workplace. This included identity, migration into the Cloud, Microsoft O365, SharePoint for an intranet platform and document management system, PowerApps Automation Suite of Power Apps, Flow and Power BI to configure, store, display and automate data; OneDrive for private file storage, and Teams for collaboration and projects.  

"And while our day-to-day service is excellent, Aiscorp have even suggested substantial improvements to our environment, such as moving to a terminal server, establishing a new intranet and automating many of our systems and processes. "
– Rebecca Johnson Sales Manager and Manager of Compliance and Projects

The Advantage

Oxygen Group now have an efficient and effective system for lodging service calls which are attended to promptly. Aiscorp's helpdesk manages all Oxygen Group tickets, ensuring SLAs are met, preventative maintenance is identified and carried out, manage real-time issues and pro-actively mitigate risks, security audits are frequently undertaken, and the standard break/fix (provide onsite and remote technical support for issues, and incidents) as a full managed service offering.  


Our Account Manager and Technical team provide frequent IT review meetings which look at SLAs, initiatives, improvements and activities going forward to improve the IT environment of Oxygen Group.  

The Benefit

The initial engagement realised many tangible benefits across its operating IT environment for Oxygen Group.

  • Decreased licence audit risk  
  • Infrastructure licensing support and maintenance  
  • Application licence management services  
  • Service-level agreements focused on business outcomes  
  • Reduced software licensing footprint  
  • Increased efficiencies in the operating model  
  • Money saved on monthly subscriptions and hourly technician costs

Oxygen Group developed a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Microsoft 365 suite, as Aiscorp guided them through migration, set up and maintenance. Rather than transferring operational responsibility back to their internal team creating more work for them, Oxygen Group continue to rely on Aiscorp's fully managed services for operational support.


Oxygen Group have experienced consistent support in all IT areas, reduced ticket resolution and response times, frequent on-site visits and support. Their team have received substantial improvements to their environment and appreciate Aiscorp's customer service.

“Since moving to Aiscorp, we have experienced vast improvements in our operations, including a great ticketing system. Smooth integration with new technology and any changes has lead to minimal disruptions to the continuity of our IT system. Their customer service is excellent and the team are easily contactable should something go wrong.”
- Karen Phillips


In summary, the Aiscorp team consistently provide the depth and breadth needed to support Oxygen Group and their subsidiaries. This allows Oxygen Group to focus on supporting their drive in a competitive market.


Services Provided:  

  • RDP migration, management and hosting  
  • Wired and Wireless Network Set up and Management  
  • Software and hardware procurement  
  • Network Security  
  • Strategic Planning advice  
  • Automated signature set up and maintenance  
  • Professional Learning Development  
  • Cloud Migration Planning
  • Advice, migration, training and management of; automation, intranet, document management system, teams, powerapps etc  
  • Technical Support Helpdesk  
  • Remote and On-Site Technical Support  
  • Preventative Server Maintenance  
  • Regular system and data backups  
  • Onboarding and Offboarding user management  

“The team at Aiscorp know our business and work with us to identify solutions that meet our needs.  They make IT easier and do not speak to us in technical riddles.  They are local and can be onsite when required.  I thoroughly recommend their services. “  
- Vince Sue, Oxygen Group General Manager