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Among the activities you can experience on this popular tropical getaway are snorkelling and scuba-diving in crystal clear waters, mountain biking across the island (with a 'ring road' about 70 kilometres long and multiple side-tracks and trails), whale watching, big game fishing charters, and that perennial favourite of island life, cocktails with stunning views. Located in the vastness of the world's biggest ocean, Niue has another supremely relaxing and inspiring activity on offer: some of the darkest skies ever, ideal for stargazing or taking in the serene beauty of a full moon rising from the sea.

Best of all, you can do all that while enjoying the advantages of fast, reliable, and free internet everywhere. Like any other nation, properly-functioning, resilient and reliable networks are essential aspects of daily life for Niueans and visitors alike, supporting education, commerce, and daily life.

Telecom Niue is the sole provider of connectivity services, operating a 4G network and fibre-optic cable which connects all 14 villages, the primary and high schools, airport, and hospital.

With growing demand on its networks, and with security, reliability, and performance as important on Niue as it is anywhere else, Telecom Niue recently sought an upgrade to its networking and security infrastructure explains CTO Roy Pavihi.

"It was challenging to maintain and provide services with outdated equipment."

Telecom Niue chose Fortinet to deliver the entire system of networking devices and firewalls which now underpins connectivity across the island. The team worked closely with New Zealand-based solution provider Aiscorp, which assisted in setting up and testing the solution remotely before rolling it out.

Niue now has fast, secure internet serving the entire island, and it's proven to work. In late 2020, a malware attack was launched against the island and Fortinet security protected the system. Pavihi says this saved a lot in terms of cost as the attack was halted before it reached the network. "The people of Niue will continue to benefit from this solution well into the future," he concludes.