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Services Provided

The Organisation

As basketball becomes an increasingly watched and loved sport around the country, the role of Basketball New Zealand only becomes more prominent. With an underlying focus on developing, growing and promoting the sport and those involved, the organisation is run by a small national office and an independent board of directors.

Under a national governance model, Basketball NZ takes care of 35 member associations around the country. As the business continues to grow, the team is focused first and foremost on servicing the members. Beyond this, the organisation is responsible for running events, tournament and development camps for players, qualifiers, and hosting international games. There is also a notable focus on marketing and communication efforts to continue to relay the message and news of basketball throughout Aotearoa.

The Opportunity

Coming to Aiscorp through an existing contact, the Basketball NZ team were looking to improve the existing arrangement and fully leverage the managed services available to them.

Growing demands on the small team further exemplified the need to outsource IT expertise. While a point of contact within the organisation was available there was no in-house IT specialist. As such, the team were seeking an arrangement that was effortless and easy, with regular touchpoints to ensure the agreement was on track and the team felt supported in their work and various endeavours.

This led to major changes in the level of service over the last two years, heralding a new phase of partnership between Aiscorp and Basketball NZ.

The Advantage

With a focus on the last two years specifically, Aiscorp has significantly improved Basketball NZ’s level of service and agreement outcomes. This includes implementing various changes at a base level for ongoing support.

Notably, Basketball NZ has a dedicated account manager and technician, and monthly reporting on key areas of focus. There has also been an improvement in speed of service and problem resolution. This is crucial as the business grows and the team on the ground needs their hardware and software to be continually running smoothly.

When it comes to hardware and software, Aiscorp takes care of all laptop and network configuration needs, as well as the company’s SharePoint, ensuring staff can be set up promptly without complication or downtime.

The Benefit

Especially in more recent years, Basketball NZ has benefited greatly from the agreement with Aiscorp. This includes being able to outsource hardware and software research, and timely resolution of any IT issues.

Working remotely during the COVID-19 lockdowns was made possible thanks to Aiscorp and the support offered both practically and strategically. Setting the team up with configured laptops and access to important and necessary files via SharePoint meant all staff could work remotely with no problem. Fast forward to today, and the company is now able to offer remote working as an ongoing option to staff.

Services provided

  • Information & Insight
  • Managed Services
  • Microsoft M365
  • Aiscorp MS adoption services
  • SharePoint
  • hardware
  • Ongoing Support and assistance

“I can’t understate the value of the human element. When we have a face to a name, and have a go-to person to call and talk to, it makes such a difference and provides a great level of service that isn’t always the case. This and their help with taking care of technical issues and taking away those headaches, it’s game-changing”
- Saileen Raj, Finance and Administration Manager - Basketball New Zealand