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The Organisation

Thankyou Payroll is a payroll software provider based in New Zealand, focused on simplifying and

streamlining the payroll process. The company acts as a payroll intermediary, with users transferring

gross payroll into the software, to then pay employees directly and meet employer obligations for

general filing and PAYE with IRD.

First launching in 2009 in a Port Chalmers garage, the company now serves 7,000+ organisations that

run payroll through the software every month. This equates to a monthly average of 31,000-32,000

employees paid, 100,000 payslips, and $100 million in payroll processing. Thankyou Payroll operates

on firmly held values of not only running a business but doing good. At present, approximately 750

charities around the country are able to use the software for free, with Thankyou Payroll also the

only carbon positive payroll provider in New Zealand.

The Opportunity

The Thankyou Payroll team was growing, but there was no one dedicated to managing IT, endpoints

and infrastructure full time to support the internal team. This meant there was a lack of consistency

around general maintenance as well as patching and cyber security.

David Morrison, who came onboard as CEO in June 2021, recognised the value of outsourcing IT and

hardware, and tapping into a company that could provide a range of services and support, rather

than hiring a person in-house. An initial proposal outlined key requirements, namely for Thankyou

Payroll to regain control over its fleet of office technology, and for the IT company to actively

manage and assist the team regardless of their level of experience and expertise.

The Advantage

Thankyou Payroll chose Aiscorp as its IT partner, as Aiscorp was able to fulfil the key requirements

and also shared similar values to the company. In the first phase of the partnership, Aiscorp

successfully helped Thankyou Payroll to regain control over its office technology, and worked on a

programme of improvements that included consistency of service and ongoing support.

In October 2022, Thankyou Payroll moved into a new office and Aiscorp helped to set up new

networks and network segmentation, ensured new equipment was up and running, and

implemented security improvements, including establishing firewalls and VPN services, and setting

The Benefit

With centralised asset management, Aiscorp immediately improved the

consistency of use of Thankyou Payroll’s machines and hardware. Aiscorp also

enabled Thankyou Payroll to hand over office IT management so the team

could focus on supporting their end users. Aiscorp provides continual support

to make sure any issues are quickly resolved and the team can focus on what

they know best - payroll.

Asset management extends into other benefits, including raising the bar for

office technology, greater security of endpoint devices, and ensuring good

tooling is in place to support the company’s internal Software-as-a-Service

system. Over time, Thankyou Payroll has also been able to offer remote

working opportunities to staff around the country with greater peace of mind,

with staff able to be more productive.

Due to the ongoing nature of the relationship, benefits are continually being

realised, with a long term plan of development in place. The personal touches

and values alignment makes interactions easy and productive.

Services provided

  • Strategic Planning
  • Information & Insight
  • Network & Infrastructure
  • Managed Service Provider
  • Ongoing Support

“Aiscorp has been able to give us peace of mind around our use of office technology. They have enabled us
to focus on our core job, which is running payroll for small to medium businesses around the country.”
- David Morrison, Chief Executive Officer, Thankyou Payroll.